COVID-19 : Florida reports 5,065 new cases of COVID-19 and fewer than 100 deaths – .

Coronavirus cases in Florida reached 1,868,772 this Sunday after 5,065 new positives and 93 additional deaths were reported, the Department of Health reported.

In the last seven days, a decrease in daily cases has been noted, while the percentage of positives has remained close to 6 percent. In the last week, 41,399 new cases have been reported: 5,065 on Sunday, 7,280 on Saturday, 6,683 on Friday, 5,117 on Thursday, 7,342 on Wednesday, 6,297 on Tuesday and 3,615 on Monday. The average number of positives to COVID-19 in the last week is 5,914 per day.

Miami-Dade, which exceeded 400 thousand positive cases on Saturday, reached 402,265 this Sunday and Broward 189,833. The two counties have the highest number of infected people in the state, where 29,906 residents have already died from COVID-19. Another 528 non-state residents have died in Florida, for a grand total of 30,434.

In Miami-Dade, 5,290 people have died from COVID-19, 2,340 in Broward, 2,394 in Palm Beach and 44 in Monroe.

Additionally, Palm Beach County has had 117,559 positive cases, while Monroe accumulates 5,688. In the state, a total of 77,758 people have been hospitalized since the start of the pandemic.

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Some 2,693,953 people have been vaccinated in Florida, and at least 1,388,919 of these people have already received the required two doses of vaccines. Miami-Dade has vaccinated 267,232 people, while 228,585 have been vaccinated in Broward and about 10,734 have received the vaccine in Monroe, according to figures released by the state.

Florida reported its first confirmed case of the P.1 variant that was detected for the first time in Brazil, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC, for its acronym in English).

The state has verified 433 cases of variant B.1.1.7 that arose in the UK. Florida has the highest number for any state in the country, according to the CDC.