COVID-19: First case of “double mutant” variant discovered in the US

For the first time, the state of California recorded a positive case of a “double mutant” variant of COVID-19.

From the outset, the term scares: virus “doubly mutant“. The concept alarmed the international community after it began to be used in India, with a variant of COVID-19 that mutated twice in India and is presumably more contagious. Today, for the first time, a positive case with this mutation was registered in the United States.

What is the double mutant variant of COVID-19?

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Viruses commonly mutate. As part of your evolutionary path, adapt to circumstances and the environment in which they live. In the midst of a global health emergency, however, the fact that certain strains of COVID-19 in India – and even more so, that there is a record of positive cases on two continents – It’s not good news.

In the case of this coronavirus variant, the scientists who have registered the positive cases are not yet certain, but they speculate that the pair of mutations may make this a highly contagious variant. However, as the proportion of positive patients is lowAccording to the BBC, at the moment “there is nothing to suggest that this is causing the current increase in cases in the country.”

The protocols sanitary containment for the double mutant version of COVID-19 they are the same that have been applied for more than a year. What really worries the experts about this mutation is whether vaccines developed and distributed internationally Until now are effective in protecting the population.

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Do vaccines work against this variant?

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The alarm spread to the United States, since California registered its first positive case with this double mutation coming from India. Today this variant is believed to be more prone to latch onto the body’s cells, which makes her more reluctant to react to treatments.

However, it is a reality that for many variants that concern around the world, vaccines they have been effective and shown to be effective in preventing serious infections with already known variants. In the same way, it is possible on a scientific level adapt vaccines to new mutations that are presented over time. Thus, the population you can be much safer in the healthcare field.

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