COVID-19 : Fauci: “It was painful when people called the pandemic a farce while the hospitals were overflowing with patients”

Fauci talks about the harm of disinformation in the pandemic 0:49

. – America’s leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Antony Fauci, reflected on the death of 500,000 Americans from COVID-19, saying that political divisions contributed to the death toll.

He told CNN that we must fight the virus “in a unified way and not have any kind of division of political ideology that gets in the way of what we are trying to do. That’s not the only thing that really was a problem. But it is something that seemed really harmful to me ”.

Will we wear masks in 2022? Anthony Fauci replies 0:59

Fauci also described “several low points” during the course of the coronavirus pandemic. “It pains me intellectually when I see things like asking people to do the kinds of activities that you know work: wearing the mask, physical separation,” he said.

He added that it was “painful” for him to see that, while hospitals in many regions were overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, people were still calling the pandemic a sham or fake news. “I mean, how can you say that when people in your own state, your own city, your own county are dying? That just blew me away and it’s still the same, ”he said.

And here we are today, seeing that 500,000 Americans have died so far. I mean, that’s proof of what has really been going on. You cannot deny that.