COVID-19 : Fauci explains in detail until what date the world will wear the mask

Since the pandemic began, the mask has become a practically essential element in people’s daily lives. But despite the fact that the rate of vaccination advances in many countries of the planet, there is still a time of coexistence with this personal protective equipment.

So stated Anthony Fauci, White House adviser in the fight against the coronavirus, in statements made to CNN. The expert dared to set 2022 as the date when masks could still be used in the United States to stop the spread of COVID-19: “I think that may be the case, and again it really depends on what is meant by normality. “

Third dose

In addition, to acquire greater protection against the pathogen, Fauci pointed out that there is the possibility of inoculating a third booster dose depending on how the new variants detected evolve. Till the date, some 43 million U.S. citizens have received at least one injection of the remedy, while the second has been administered to almost 18 million.

Although the vaccination rate is very high, the figures in the country continue to be dramatic. The number of positives has decreased for the fifth consecutive week, but the country has exceeded 500,000 deaths from coronavirus, a figure much higher than that estimated at the beginning by the health authorities.

“It’s nothing like what we’ve been through in the last 102 years since the 1918 flu pandemic … really it is a terrible situation that we have been through, and that we are still going through “, Fauci assured during an interview on the State of Union program of the aforementioned medium.

One year less life expectancy

Actually, The United States registers more than 28 million positives. The high mortality experienced from the disease has reduced the nation’s average life expectancy by a full year, the biggest drop since World War II.

In regards to the financial hit, some economists have shown optimism for next year Although millions of Americans are going through a serious economic situation. For this reason, Congress is considering allocating 1.9 billion dollars in aid and the Senate is expected to approve it before March 14.