COVID-19 exceeds 55 million cases; they are 450 thousand more than in the previous day

Deaths in the pandemic remain at 1.3 million, with 6,800 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours

The global cases of COVID-19 today amounted to 55 million, After the World Health Organization (who) record 450 thousand new infections last day, according to the data provided daily by the Geneva-based agency.

The dead in the pandemic they remain at 1.3 million, with 6,800 new deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

Both the daily case and death curves continue to rise globally, due to the increase in regions such as America or the Middle East, despite the fact that in Europe the graph is showing a downward situation, after several weeks of confinement and other measures movement limitation.

America adds 23.5 million cases, for 15.4 million Europe, 10.1 million in southern Asia and 3.4 million in middle East.

The American continent is also the one that has registered the most deaths in almost eleven months of the pandemic, 682 thousand, for 348 thousand in Europe, 155 thousand in South Asia and 92,000 in the countries of the Middle East.

In the list of absolute cases by country handled by WHO, United States It has today exceeded 11 million cases and shows a virulent third wave in its contagion graph, while India is close to nine million infections and Brazil remains at 5.8 million.

The fourth most affected country is Russia, with 1.9 million, although close to those figures is France, with a graph of contagions that is shown in decline.

Spain adds 1.4 million cases, United Kingdom is close to that number, and Argentina exceeds 1.3 million positives, while Italy and Colombia are over 1.2 million each.

Recovered patients on the planet approach 40 million, while those with COVID-19 in serious or critical condition are more than 100,000, less than 1 percent of the 15 million active cases.

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