COVID-19 : Elections Ecuador 2021: how to train at the CNE to vote and what is the fine for not doing so

In two weeks, the presidential elections will be held in Ecuador where the president, vice president and members of the National Assembly will be elected. An unusual election due to the coronavirus pandemic. For its part, the national Emergency Operations Committee (EOC) published a protocol that will be applied in the first electoral round.

The document includes a series of measures that will have to be fulfilled on February 7, the day of the elections. One of these measures will impose the prohibition of establishing formal and informal businesses in the vicinity of the electoral precinct.

How to train?

On the CNE website you can carry out this action with a few simple steps. The first is to write your identity card and full name and surname. Click on ‘I’m not a robot’. Then, It will appear whether or not you are entitled to vote in the 2021 elections. In the event that it is empowered, the page will show the data of the province, canton, parish, joint area, polling place and address.

What is the fine for not going to vote?

In case of not going to the polling station, the CNE will fine $ 40 to those who do not join the JRV training, equivalent to 10% of the Unified Basic Salary (SBU), and with $ 60, equivalent to 15% of the SBU for those who do not attend the JRV.