COVID-19 : € 2,000 aid to self-employed: requirements, who can request it and how to request it at the Generalitat

In the midst of the debate on direct aid to the hospitality industry, one of the sectors most affected by the pandemic, some autonomous communities have launched aid. The Generalitat of Catalonia offers a package of 280 million euros to help the self-employed with 2,000 euros, a help that was also offered in the months of November and December.

People who can request this financial aid, something that can be done from February 19 to 26, they must be:

Self-employed registered in the Self-Employed or Self-Employed Regime of Social Security (RETA). These people may only have a maximum of 6 workers in their charge.Freelancers registered with a mutual fund as an alternative system to RETA and also with a maximum of 6 people under their care Self-employed registered with RETA or a mutual fund that have created a company with its own legal personality, either sole proprietorship or with a maximum of three partners. The company may only have 6 people among partners and employed persons.Members of cooperatives listed on the RETA or in a mutual fund, provided that the cooperative is made up of a maximum of three members. The company cooperative may only have 6 people between members and non-member workers.Self-employed workers included in section 2 of the eighteenth additional provision of Royal Legislative Decree 8/2015, of October 30. Likewise, the sum of self-employed persons and persons hired as an employee of the business cannot exceed 6.


The requirements that these people must meet are the following:

Have the tax domicile in a municipality in Catalonia.Be in registration status in the RETA or in a mutual society before January 1, 2021.The tax base on personal income tax of the year 2019 must be equal to or less than 35,000 euros.The net return on the activity in 2020 must not exceed 17,500 euros, or the proportional figure in case of having registered in the RETA after January 1, 2020.

The aid of 2,000 It is available to those who have already received similar amounts in December and also to those who were denied if they have resolved the reason. They are also compatible with other aid, both regional and national, except for subsidies to promote self-employment of young people enrolled in the Youth Guarantee program.

How to request them and what documentation is required?

For prior registration, interested parties who meet the requirements must fill in the form available on the corporate portal for the Canal Empresa processing. from Friday, February 19 at 9:00 a.m. to February 26 at 3:00 p.m.

The applicant must have a idCat electronic signature certificate or an electronic DNI. You must also provide information corresponding to your DNI or NIE, full name and address, bank account and NIF or CIF. You must also give the fStart of your activity as a freelancer, the data from statement of income Y activity returns and those workers who have workers in their charge, must give information about the number.