Despite the fact that the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic is not yet in America, the economic reopening is already urgent.

America, the region hardest hit in the world by coronavirus, has not yet reached the peak of the disease, which has claimed the lives of almost 100,000 people on the continent, and its inhabitants are already beginning to feel the drowning of the lack of money after the paralysis of the economy and the uncertainty of not knowing when the long-awaited will arrive “new normal ”.

In this sense, as “urgent” they have classified U.S the need for the national economy to get back on track, a clamor that President Donald Trump has taken as his “workhorse” to try to stay with the White House again in next November’s elections.

There, where the virus leaves 2.34 million sick and 121 thousand 279 dead, the secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, He maintained this Wednesday that “it is important to get Europeans back to travel to the United States” and reconnect “completely” with the US economy.

For this, the Trump government works with its allies in the Old continent to resume travel despite recent information that the European Union it may not reopen its borders to US travelers due to the high incidence of COVID-19 in the country.

Less employment in Brazil

Empty pockets also hit hard on Brazil, the second country in number of deaths on the planet, with more than 52,780, where the Government reported that some 19 million inhabitants were temporarily out of work in May.

Of that number, 9.7 million Brazilians had no performance in the month, which exacerbates the problems facing the South American giant where 1.15 million of its inhabitantsMany of them already with scarce resources to survive have been infected with the virus.

“We knew there was a large percentage of the population away from work, but we did not know that half were without income, “admitted the coordinator of the study of the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics, Cimar Azeredo.

Relieve debt of poor countries

A possible way out of the unprecedented economic crisis in which the coronavirus The Argentine president, Alberto Fernández, proposed it in a videoconference to the world, saying that after the pandemic, “immediate debt relief for the poorest countries on the planet must be supported.”

Argentina, which is facing in parallel to the health emergency due to COVID-19 bond renegotiation for about $ 66 billion With creditors to avoid falling into default and which has also been experiencing serious economic difficulties since 2018, it currently has 47,216 infected and 1,085 dead.

Therefore, in the videoconference Fernandez He told several of his Latin American peers, as well as the President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, that they must act “together” since, otherwise, “the pandemic of unemployment, inequality, poverty and hunger will spread by the region with the voracity of a contagious virus “.

American scrambling

However, amid fear of losing everything, including life, Americans have displayed their ingenuity to generate new sources of income while their respective Governments they do their part.

So, for example, the owners of the iconic bar LGTBI York, Stonewall Inn, have launched two fundraising campaigns to prevent their closure, a disease that afflicts many of the bars and restaurants in the Big Apple and from which large and small inns have been “infected” Latin America.

“Like many families and small businesses around the world, Stonewall Inn is struggling. Our doors have been closed for more than three months “and now” we ask that you help us save him, “local officials said in a statement adding that” the future is uncertain “and the recovery process” long. “

Innovation has also been used in Chile, which totals 254 thousand cases and 4 thousand 731 deaths, and where an entrepreneur implemented a solidarity food truck through which he delivered 500 lunches today in Colina, a city located north of Santiago.

The initiative, which was welcomed and implemented by the mayor, Mario Olavarría, seeks to “deliver over 15 days some 7,500 lunches in different neighborhoods and towns” because, he said, “the crisis is strong” and this “is a good contribution for the people who are feeding more or less, who cannot go out either and one goes home with the food. “

He “Rummage” is also used by women in El Salvador, many of which began to “tax“As they refer to drive a taxi, while others chose to return to the family business of selling charcoal and some more found in the manufacture of masks the ideal way to contribute financially to their homes.

The same need arises in Medellin, the second most important city in Colombia, and known for the drive of its citizens when it comes to creating a company, even in disastrous times when the country has 2,491 deaths from coronaviruses and 77,113 cases.

In that place, Andrés Felipe Vélez gave himself the task of turning his company of organization of social events and business to discover that “people want to celebrate”, despite the limitations of the pandemic.

Thus, inspired by the joy of Colombians, the entrepreneur diversified his services and since the mandatory quarantine began last March he has attended more than 40 clients in celebrations during the Mother’s Day and the Father’s day, birthdays and anniversaries, in addition to bringing home catering services, gift bags and surprise breakfasts with which he seeks to avoid the scourges of the virus.

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