COVID-19 : “Do you know that I am the investigating judge?”

The Civil Guard has stormed this weekend into a villa in the Yaiza municipality (Lanzarote) where nine people were celebrating a party, breaching the rules against Covid. Among the attendees was the head of the Court of Instruction number 4 of Arrecife (Lanzarote), Ricardo Fiestras, who asked all the agents to provide him with their identification number and snapped: «Do you know that I am the examining magistrate?»

Yes yes, we know you, Your Honor”Replied the non-commissioned officer who was in command of the nine displaced agents, according to the account published by the newspaper La Voz de Lanzarote. After identifying all those present, the Civil Guard attended a sanction proposal against all of them for violating the norms against the pandemic.

As explained by the judge’s environment, Ricardo Fiestras had been staying for several days with his partner in a chalet, in a tourist complex that is closed due to the health crisis. Another couple of friends were staying in the neighboring villa, and all of them were joined by the children of both marriages – university students who had just arrived from Madrid – along with their girlfriends.

When the police intervention took place, nine people had gathered in one of the houses and were celebrating a pool party, with music and beer. Lanzarote is at alert level 4, in which meetings of more than two people who are not living together are not allowed.

The video that accompanies this news shows the moment in which, after arriving at the tourist complex, the Civil Guard asks the judge for their companions to identify themselves. To which the magistrate replied asking that each agent will write down their license plate number to have them, also, identified.

The command that was in charge of the Civil Guard patrol felt obliged to make the following clarification to the judge: «What is happening here is that they have warned why there was an illegal party. In the current phase we are in, they cannot be done».

«None of that is true“Replied another of those present. So the agent insisted: “We are going to identify the people who are supposedly having an illegal party, that is what we are going to do,” in order to submit a sanction proposal.

The judge’s environment has stressed that Ricardo Fiestras at no time showed a defiant attitude nor did he try to make his position prevail to avoid the penalty. The same sources acknowledge that the young people who had arrived at the villa were celebrating a pool party but not the judge, who was inside the house watching TV when the Civil Guard arrived.