COVID-19 : DAKAR My Dakar names

Folder to the Dakar from the pandemic. As always in these troubled times, the first success is that has been completed without major complications, even overcoming a border closure that made us fear the worst a few days before it began. Saudi Arabia takes hold as an ideal scenario for this competition, although the ASO organization should strive to define a tour that is to the general liking, many pilots have complained of excessive speed again and that is a bad matter for safety. From the 2021 edition I would stay with several proper names, protagonists who for one reason or another have claimed general attention. The first of them, Peterhansel. Winner in cars who achieves a feat that can be evaluated in statistics, but above all by the way you understand a challenge that seems tailored to you. Carlos Sainz figure on the other side of the coin, next to Lucas Cruz they have run into a wall of difficulties with navigation capable of overriding its manifest speed. And let’s not forget Nani Roma, that with a new car and co-pilot has exhibited the solvency of the great of the desert, His performance is very commendable.

Between the motorcycles we take another huge disappointment with Joan Barreda, the nth. It seemed that this year, yes, he looked more focused and convinced than ever, but a withdrawal leaves us with honey on our lips again. It is incomprehensible that a pilot of his talent and experience presents such a discreet record on the Dakar, one of those cases where ability doesn’t translate into results. What to say about Laia Sanz, hard as a rock, unshakable, able to overcome any difficulty. Back at the finish line, which was the important thing, satisfied with her achievement yet displeased with a type of tour where you are not comfortable. Sensational Lorenzo Santolino, prestigious enduro rider who is adapting to this specialty with success and knocks on the door of one of the important teams: with a better bike, pay attention to its potential. And I close this review, in which prominent figures are undoubtedly missing, with Cristina Gutiérrez; after running out of a car he re-enlisted the time limit in the buggies to confirm that deserves to continue growing in the specialty. If you already win in stages, why not aspire to more …