COVID-19 : Covid responsible declaration: what it is, what it is for and in which cases it is used

The restrictive measures taken in Spain to reduce infections are gradually beginning to take effect and there are fewer and fewer cases. Some autonomous communities have chosen to relax the limitations, such as curfews, the hours of the hotel trade, capacity or the lifting of perimeter closures. However, mobility between provinces or even between municipalities is still quite restricted in the country.

Therefore, when wanting to travel, one of the ways to take to be able to justify and reason the displacements before the authorities and security forces that they can carry out controls is to take with you a signed covid responsible statement. It is a document by which you certify that you are allowed to enter or leave the territory in question.

Many communities have left in their respective web pages the possibility of downloading the document to be filled out, although it is also possible to ask your company to issue one whenever the displacement is for work reasons. It is already required in a large part of work environments.

Cases in which to use the responsible declaration

As a general rule, in the case of perimeter closures, It is only allowed to leave or enter for reasons of study, work, health, care of the elderly or minors or due to duly justified force majeure. In these cases, the responsible declaration model must be signed.

“The new measures to contain the spread of covid-19 establish that Those people who move outside their perimeter area must carry with them a responsible statement to justify said movement”, Reported for example the Government of Aragon, being able to download the model through this link.

Aragon is precisely an example that this is required for any area. It was recently published a new order requiring a responsible declaration from fruit entrepreneurs to regulate the collection campaign and prevent coronavirus outbreaks.

It is also asked, for example, to visit the nursing homes. In this case, the responsible statement serves to ensure that visitors have not been in contact with any positives or show symptoms. It is also required in the event that family members or relatives want to accompany users of nursing homes on an outing. For example, this is the case of Castilla-La Mancha.

It’s not always for commuting, anymore responsible statements are being issued in different work settings simply to make sure employees are aware of sanitary measures or have not been in contact with positives or have symptoms.

What is required in the document?

In the responsible declaration you are asked to fill in the personal information (name, surname, ID, home address, contact telephone number), the place of accommodation at the destination, the justifying reason for the trip, the date and the signature. In addition, an annex must be taken with a receipt indicating the reason for the displacement.

In the event that a responsible declaration is not available or exhibited, the corresponding Complaint bulletin for violation of the established perimeter confinement regime, as the displacement is not considered justified.

In any case, the best in case you want to move in closed perimeter territories, skip a curfew, or pay a visit to a nursing home, is to see what concrete measures your community has taken.