COVID-19 : Covid-19 vaccine phase zero dates in Ecuador: when is my turn?

Ecuador received a few days ago the second shipment of doses of the vaccine against Covid-19. These vaccines will be used in phase zero of the vaccination plan, although the number of people vaccinated will vary. Initially, It was going to reach 43,000 people but it will be 35,541 and more than 71,000 doses would be used, instead of 86,000.

Last January, the Government announced the pilot plan that consisted of vaccinating the doctors of the health service and the elderly in public gerontological centers and, also, the workers of these centers. Within 21 days, the first and second doses would have been made. The forecasts have changed although this procedure will be followed.

It has been heard that weekly doses of vaccine will be received, but it is not established, for example, how are these doses going to be allocated, what will be the strategy for starting vaccination after the so-called first line or this phase 0 and things like that ”, said Enrique Terán, a doctor and university professor.

When is my turn

The Government has enabledo 19 vaccination points located in the provinces of Pichincha, Guayas and Azuay. In these centers the population will be vaccinated, starting with the elderly and those most at risk to be vaccinated. In addition, babies from two months will receive the first application of the formula. Many Ecuadorians have complained about the cost of the dose, which ranges from $ 90 to $ 125.