COVID-19 could cause 152 thousand deaths in Mexico by March

The winter season is expected to put more pressure on Mexico’s hospital system due to COVID-19

Incentive care units are also expected to become saturated over the next few months.

This, if health services are oversaturated, could lead to a wave of deaths among the country’s population.

The COVID-19 situation around the world is getting tougher in many of the countries that had already more or less controlled the pandemic. Also in Mexico, where there was not really such a significant drop in cases, a greater number of infected and deaths are being seen. If this trend continues, according to the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) at the University of Washington, there could be a bad March.

In data cited by El Universal, even in the best of cases, up to 142 thousand deaths from COVID-19 could be counted by March 2021 in Mexico. In the worst case scenario, however, the IHME assures that 152 thousand deaths could accumulate from the pandemic. According to the Institute, this scenario would be seen if the sanitary restriction measures in the Republic continue to relax. For example, the healthy distance and the use of face masks.

According to the IHME, the difference of 10,000 deaths could be seen with the massive use of face masks. Although the outlook is negative, the Institute still expects this rebound in cases to be much less intense than the first wave in Mexico. On average, there would be between 400 and 500 deaths per day. Its peak would be reached in the last days of the year, from December 29 to 31. Over the course of January, they expect deaths to start falling.

The COVID-19 pandemic in Mexico intensifies

It should be noted that just a couple of days ago, the number of deaths in the country surpassed the psychological wall of 100,000 deaths. Agents such as El País took up the figures, emphasizing that with this “milestone”, the country becomes one of those with the highest death rate compared to those infected. Faced with these types of articles, the Federal Government has tried to put the figures into perspective, accusing all the headlines of drama.

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Of course, the situation is not as complicated throughout the country. Some entities are experiencing a greater COVID-19 crisis than others. According to El Financiero, Querétaro, Mexico City (CDMX), Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Coahuila and Nuevo León are close to returning to the red light. According to the Federal Government, it works with local authorities to try to raise awareness among the population to follow stricter sanitary measures.

Especially in the Valley of Mexico, the situation is taking on stricter tints. In data from ., the head of the CDMX Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, has ruled out establishing a curfew for COVID-19, as has been done in other global epicenters. But, in an agreement with the State of Mexico (EdoMex), it was agreed to establish a dry law in the region on weekends. And so, try to reduce somewhat the incidence of massive social gatherings.

Other signs that the pandemic is worsening in the country

Like the start of the COVID-19 crisis, similar phenomena directly linked to the pandemic are beginning to be seen. Recently, shortages of products began to be reported in stores such as Amazon and Walmart. Like the beginning of the year, cleaning categories are the ones that tend to be in greatest danger of not adjusting to public demand. Not only that, but it could benefit brands that are not among the most popular on the market.

There are also differences in this second spike in COVID-19 cases in Mexico. CDMX is implementing a new QR code system in several businesses in the capital. With the initiative, it is intended to have a much closer monitoring of cases of infection. Not only that, but alerts can be issued when someone is sick. And in this way, give a warning to all the people who could have endangered their integrity of their health.