COVID-19 : Coronavirus: WHO concludes that South African variant is not more lethal

New variants of the coronavirus continue to spread around the world and are the subject of concern to scientists and health authorities due to their greater transmission capacity. However, the investigations rule out that they are more lethal. In this way, the World Health Organization (WHO) referred this Thursday to the South African strain highlighting that no evidence has been found that it is more deadly.

This was stated by the head of the anticovid technical unit of the United Nations, Maria Van Kerkhove, who also pointed out that there is no evidence that this variant causes more severe cases or is more difficult to diagnose.

“An increase in contagion capacity has been identified, similar to what we observed with the UK variant”, stated the senior management of the World Health Organization in statements collected by the . agency.

Vaccine efficacy

The WHO has confirmed that coronavirus vaccines developed by manufacturers such as Johnson & Johnson, Novavax or AstraZeneca are more effective against the South African variant. In addition, the director of the WHO Immunization Program, Kate O’Brien, clarified about the AstraZeneca vaccine that the clinical trial that was carried out during the period of circulation of this variant was carried out with a small number of patients, and It did not include anyone who had become seriously ill with COVID-19.

“This is important, because what we are seeing is that all vaccines tend to be more effective with people with severe symptoms “, pointed out the expert from the World Health Organization, who stressed that this variant can be controlled with appropriate prevention measures, as the African country has shown.

So far this strain is less widespread than the British, although cases continue to increase around the world with the passing of days. Specifically, the South African variant has already been detected in about fifty countries, according to data from the World Health Organization.