COVID-19 : Coronavirus | The total efficacy of the Pfizer vaccine in a hospital in Valencia

The campaign of coronavirus vaccination it is making steady progress in Spain. After first vaccinating the elderly in nursing homes, after that came the turn of the toilets in the front line of battle against the coronavirus. In total, more than three million doses have been administered, while just over one million have received the full regimen with the two inoculations.

In the Valencian Community, 100% of the Valencia General Hospital workers vaccinated with the vaccine developed by Pfizer have developed defenses against COVID, according to a study carried out to verify the effectiveness. Now, it is being carried out with the Moderna solution.

The initiative, promoted by the Microbiology Service from the hospital, originates from a research project to know the immune response to SARS-CoV-2, and thus confirm that the vaccines meet the antibody rate standards.

Study data

It is being carried out at random among all the services of the total number of professionals who work in the center and who have received the two doses of the vaccine. The study sample with Pfizer’s solution is around 10% of staff vaccinatedor. Thus, some 200 serologies in the 15 or 20 days after receiving the second of the two.

And the result could not be more optimistic, with the 100% of the personnel with antibodies, something that “confirms the production of defenses after vaccination”, they assure. Regarding the vaccine developed by Moderna, the sampling will be done with 80 workers within two weeks of receiving the second inoculation. With this, it is intended to know if the rate of antibodies generated by Moderna’s vaccine is the same as that of Pfizer.