COVID-19 : Coronavirus The Sovereign vaccine of Cuba reaches its final phase

Spain and other countries continue to develop research to obtain a vaccine against the coronavirus in addition to those that have already been authorized and are currently being used in the world. One of these nations is Cuba, a country that has reported that it is in the final stretch to find an effective antidote against the disease.

Cuban scientists are working on four possible vaccines and one of them, called Soberana 02, will begin the last stage of the study next month. If the results are positive in phase 3, which will include large-scale human testing, it would later achieve regulatory approval and could begin to be used.

“Our country will be one of the first to be able to immunize its entire population”, said Eduardo Martínez, president of BioCubaFarma, a business group that leads the research and development of vaccines in the Caribbean country. If this forecast is fulfilled, Cuba could begin exports abroad before the end of the year.

Tourist vaccination

The country’s authorities are even considering the possibility of offering the vaccine to tourists visiting the country, as well as donating it to poor nations. Cuba expects to produce 100 million doses of Sovereign 02 this year, an amount that would allow these options in addition to immunizing its 11 million inhabitants.

However, the results of the tests carried out so far have not yet been published in specialized journals and scientists ask for caution until the investigations are completed. Phase 3 of the Sovereign 02 study is expected to begin in March, at which time it will be tested on some 150,000 people in Cuba and Iran. country that has shown interest in its acquisition.

It is a protein-based vaccine that contains part of the coronavirus, as explained by The New York Times, which details that requires three doses given at two week intervals. Another feature of Sovereign 02 is that does not need to be stored in the freezer, being able to be conserved to a temperature of between eight and two degrees.