COVID-19 : Coronavirus | The mayor of Riudoms (Tarragona) is vaccinated irregularly with doses from a residence

The mayor of the Tarragona town of Riudoms, Sergi Pedret (Junts per Catalunya), used one of the doses of the coronavirus vaccine from a residence to get vaccinated. The councilor himself has communicated it, clarifying the facts through his social networks. Pedret, 37, an entrepreneur in the world of hydraulic components, does not enter any of the COVID-19 Vaccination Preferred Groups, which is why the controversy has broken out.

However, he claims, he received the vaccine to prevent it from spoiling. That same day, a councilor from his government team was also immunized. In order to “prevent possible interested interpretation that someone can do“, the mayor has wanted to spread a statement with which to relate what happened.

As he assures, is in “direct and regular” contact with the local Riudoms residence, in which it helps and coordinates “with the City Council all the tasks carried out to cope with the pandemic“In this way, on Tuesday he learned that some doses were going to be thrown away because they were not going to be able to be delivered.

The mayor defends himself

In it, he emphasizes that it was his own team in charge of vaccination the one that proposed to vaccinate you before throwing the vaccines. The same was offered to the local priest, although he had no availability. The alternative, then, was a councilor from Pedret’s team.

“I am not the one to decide who is vaccinated or not”, alleges in his defense as mayor, who affirms that he followed “the indications that I received from those responsible for vaccinating the residence.” And even less for refuse to offer a vaccine, given the possibility that that dose ends up being thrown away. This is the reason why I accepted and was heading towards the Residence since the condition was present in a matter of minutes because the vaccine could probably harm in a short time“, ends.