COVID-19 : Coronavirus | The four new variants of SARS-CoV-2 that concern Health

The Ministry of Health continues to consider the British, South African and Brazilian variants as the most important of the coronavirus, but has focused on four others “that have a growing interest”: the Nigerian, the Californian, the Bristol and the Rio de Janeiro.

This was stated in the latest update of the “Report on the epidemiological situation of variant B.1.1.7 of SARS-CoV-2 and other variants of interest”. This document confirms the presence of 11 infections by variant P.2, from Rio de Janeiro, two in travelers from Brazil and 9 in people from the same community.

This variant, according to the biologist of the Institut Pasteur, Lucia Spangerberg, consists of a mutation in the E484K spike of the virus. P.2 caused several reinfections in Brazil at the end of last year and is predominant in some areas of the country.

The document has also confirmed a positive for the Nigerian variant, B.1.525, sequenced on January 25. This variant was discovered by researchers at the University of Edinburgh and has mutations in protein S, N501Y, and E484K.

Bristol and Californian variant

The Bristol variant and the Californian variant are the other two that have been included by the Ministry of Health in the report. Specifically, the Bristol variant is a mutation of the British variant B.1.1.7, in contrast to the fact that it presents the same mutation in the E484K spike of the virus as the Danish and Rio de Janeiro variants. VOC202102 / 02, as it has been called by the Nervtag, has been reported in 21 cases in the UK and “would have a better ability to resist antibodies”, according to the scientific advisory group of the British Government.

For its part, the Californian variant, CAL.20C, still has an uncertain future, since it is not clear how it will affect virus transmission or lethality. It has already been notified in more than 26 states of the North American country and, specifically, in California, more than 35% of infections are due to this strain.