COVID-19 : Coronavirus: Sports FFP2 masks: prices, models, effectiveness, how long they last and how to buy online

Lovers of sports practice have also had to adapt to the times of pandemic that we live in to avoid risks. Contagion can occur at any time if the necessary precautionary measures are not taken and therefore it is advisable to always be protected. Brands are aware of this situation and therefore have added masks specially designed for physical exertion to their products.

One of these protective elements especially recommended for sports has been designed by Idawen, a brand that markets masks including exhalation valves, filters, and sealing clips. These masks are made of textile neoprene and have a front die-cut to promote breathability.

The sports brand Idawen markets this type of mask in various colors and sizes and can be found at a price of 39.95 euros on their website, where it is also available another model, called 3D Navy. This mask is priced at 24.95 eurosy is made of a 3d mesh fabric, as detailed in its description. Both types of masks are reusable and provide full protection against the coronavirus.

El Corte Inglés also markets a wide range of masks specially designed for sports. On its website you can find models of various brands and prices. Thus, for example, it is possible to purchase a pack of three Reebok brand masks at a price of 17.95 euros. It is a washable model and made with a double layer fabric.

The sports equipment chain Decathlon also dedicates part of its catalog to sports masks. Among them, the Sport 500 Broyx filter mask, a model that includes two filters and that allows you to breathe easily. The filters, however, must be changed every eight hours of use. Its price is 39.99 euros.