COVID-19 : Coronavirus | Pedro Sánchez estimates how many Spaniards will be vaccinated in summer

The vaccine against the coronavirus disease is getting closer and closer and the first doses could begin to be injected in the first days of the month of January, although not the entire population trusts the drug. Alone 32.5% of Spaniards would get the vaccine immediately, compared to 55.2% who prefer to wait to know the side effects of it.

Despite this, the Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, pointed out this Friday that between May and June there will be vaccinated in our country around 20 million people, what it supposes a third of the total population of the country.

“We are working at full capacity so that the vaccines are available as soon as possible. If it can be in December, in December. We have a clear course, a clear destination. We are at the beginning of the end of the pandemic “, added the president in an act in Comillas (Cantabria), in which he presented the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan for the Spanish Economy.

Two and a half million vaccinations between January and February

In the months of May and June Spain will be in the second stage of the vaccination plan, since the first will correspond to the previous months. Between January and February, the Government anticipates that a total of two and a half million people will be vaccinated.

Vaccination preferences

The first to receive the vaccine will be the residents and staff of residences and dependent centers once the first doses arrive. Then it will the rest of the health personnel and the large non-institutionalized dependents.

“We are going to guarantee from the first moment that all priority groups have access to the vaccine and that it is fully equitable for the entire population, no matter where they live”, has specified Pedro Sanchez.

Second and third phase

In the second and third phase the rest of the groups into which the population will be divided will be vaccinated. As announced by the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa: “As information on vaccine availability is received, the groups will be assigned throughout phase two and three.” These stages are scheduled to take place between March and May and the third one throughout the summer.

On the other hand, the country hopes to have a total of 105 million vaccines. Not all will be from the same laboratory, but they are divided into 52.7 million Janssen, Moderna and CureVac; 31.6 million from AstraZeneca, and 20.9 million from Pfizer-BioNTech.