COVID-19 : Coronavirus New restrictions in Castilla-La Mancha: measures, curfew, perimeter closure …

The positive evolution of the coronavirus pandemic in Castilla-La Mancha has led the Government of the region to decide to relax the restrictions. A) Yes, almost the entire autonomous community will go to level 2. Nevertheless, the perimeter closure of the region is maintained, the limitation of 6 people in the meetings and the curfew from 22:00 hours.

There will be eleven municipalities that will continue in level 3 of special measures: El Casar, Sigüenza, Villanueva de la Torre in Guadalajara; Iniesta in Cuenca; and Casarrubios del Monte, Fuensalida, Torrijos, Noblejas, La Puebla de Montalbán, Santa Cruz de la Zarza and Valmojado in Toledo. These territories encompass some 75,500 inhabitants.

Hospitality and events

The Government of Castilla-La Mancha has introduced modifications that affect the hotel industry, with an increase in capacity. Indoors, these will be 50% of the maximum previously established. For its part, in outdoor spaces is fixed in the 75%. In rooms bingo, casinos, arcades and games rooms and specific venues of bets the maximum capacity will be limited to fifty%.

Likewise, to guarantee the control of capacity and the maintenance of security measures, in hotel and restaurant establishments it is Service is prohibited to users who are not seated at the arranged tables for that purpose, both indoors and outdoors, as well as the consumption of food and drinks outside of these.

The new regulation also establishes that celebrations after events such as weddings, communions, baptisms and others with similar characteristics in hotel and restaurant establishments will have its capacity is limited to 100 people in open space and 50 in closed space. If these subsequent celebrations take place in other types of facilities, the maximum number of 6 people may not be exceeded.

For their part, wakes and funeral processions will have a maximum of 6 persons. At social events such as weddings and christenings, The permanence of people in places of worship in closed spaces is limited by fixing the 40% capacity. In the open air, they must guarantee interpersonal safety distance, not exceeding the maximum number of one hundred people.


Residences and social health centers are opened for outings and visits, but they must be COVID-free centers, no suspected cases and that the center has been vaccinated with both doses and the expected time has elapsed. Nor should there be people with symptoms or suspicions, or who have had contact with others with symptoms or suspects.

The people who go to visiting their relatives will be subjected to an antigen test. It will be allowed one person per visit, two visits a week and the duration of the visit should be one hour. It must be done in a safe environment and by appointment.

The Departure from these centers by residents is also allowed, as long as it is free of COVID and in it there are no suspicious cases. The exit will have a minimum of 72 hours and visits of less time will be allowed, such as health environments.


Supermarkets and shopping centers lthey will imitate your capacity at 50%, maintaining the same hygiene conditions provided for small businesses.

The markets and outdoor markets should limit the number of seats installed to 1/3 of the previously established. A safety distance between posts of at least 4 meters must be ensured.

In addition, the precautionary closure of parks and gardens It will be applied between the hours 22:00 and 8:00 hours.

Culture and sport

Cinemas, theaters and auditoriums of Castilla-La Mancha will limit their capacity to 30%, as well as libraries, museums and archives. The courses, congresses and seminars will have a maximum capacity of 30 people, respecting at all times the maximum occupancy of the premises at a maximum of 50% of the capacity.

Likewise, the region’s measures establish that Hotels can only hire 75% of their capacity. The use of its common areas will be limited in its capacity to 50%.