COVID-19 : Coronavirus | Margarita del Val predicts when we will remove our mask

The virologist and immunologist of the CSIC, Margarita del Val, is one of the most authorized voices in Spain to talk about this coronavirus pandemic that has hit the whole world in 2020. Del Val was interviewed by the Liarla Pardo de La Sexta program, where she was questioned by different aspects of the pandemic.

Thus, with Limited Christmas to a number of people who do not live together, the expert warns that whoever wants to celebrate them with more people, should “be aware of what they have at home”, in relation to those most vulnerable and what could mean a contagion in the family.

For its part, it ensures that yours will be “much more restricted”, and considers that after these dates, in early 2021, “we are going to have a lot of swell”.

Back to normal

Moments later, the presenter Cristina Pardo asked him for when would we return to a life more like normality than to the new normal. Before answering, to the expert a brief laugh escaped him.

When we get used to it, we’ll call it normal. Mask will have to continue wearing it, all these measures must be keep doing them even if you start to get vaccinated“, he stated. For Margarita del Val the fact of being able leaving the mask behind would come “if the vaccine were 100% effective in all people in risk groups, when they and the others are vaccinated. “

However, the CSIS virologist augurs this scenario as “unlikely”, since it is something that has already happened with other past diseases. “As long as there is vulnerable people will have to continue wearing a mask together with all the measures “.

Therefore, call the calm and caution regarding the effectiveness announcements of the various vaccines in development against the coronavirus. “It will remove the burden, the uncertainty, the sadness and the depression. It is an important value but, even so, we go slowly that this takes time, we will not immediately rejoice at everything because it would be premature. “