COVID-19 : Coronavirus | López Acuña: “China has not shown the necessary transparency”

Daniel López Acuña it was at the time former director of the World Health Organization (WHO) for 30 years. Now, in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and after the trip from this estate to Wuhan to try to identify the origin of SARS-CoV-2, criticizes China for its transparency since the first cases were known.

“What has happened in the mission is that there has not been the transparency required by the Chinese authorities to offer all the evidence on how this started. Surely, China took longer to report than it should about the emergence of this new variant and the disease, “says the expert in an interview on Cadena SER.

But this is not what worries the epidemiologist the most, who points to the “lack of a global solidarity and coordinated action to fight the pandemic, the development of the vaccine for treatment research and, above all, for make effective the entire population of the world, since it is a prophylaxis that will be necessary to inoculate everyone on this planet. “

Despite highlighting the importance of the arrival of the WHO to Wuhan, a place considered to be the origin of the pandemic, regrets that he was so late, because “he could have considered once risk elimination had been achieved transmission in Wuhan. Tardiness is part of the tug of war in negotiations between the secretary of the organization and authorities of the Chinese Government“.

Animal or natural origin?

For the expert, you cannot rule out any theory about the possible origin of the virus. However, “it cannot be said that there is an 85% chance of this option (laboratory) because there is no evidence in either direction“, he assures.

Similarly, he recalled the “particular pandemic impact” of other coronaviruses in the last 20 years. “First the SARS and then MERS have been species jumps from animals to humans: one from the civet to the man and the second from the dromedary to the man “, he points out, before not ruling out the escape from a laboratory.” Neither can a manipulation of the virus in a laboratory and that it have escaped be ruled out. Saying this is different from stating that it is a deliberate creation of the virus“.