COVID-19 : Coronavirus in Spain live: Vaccination plan, restrictions in Madrid and measures at Christmas


The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, has asked this Saturday to the Madrilenians to “enjoy” in the weeks leading up to Christmas, but that they do so “always with their guard up” and “complying with all the rules”, because the coronavirus “is by no means expired.”

This is how the mayor answered when, the departure of the funeral mass in the Almudena Cathedral, dedicated to the doctors who died during the pandemic, have been asked about the abundant influx of people detected today in the center of the capital, coinciding with the lighting of the Christmas lights, which took place on Thursday, and with the ‘Friday of discounts ‘.

Let’s enjoy the city, let’s enjoy the Christmas lights, let’s enjoy the pre-Christmas time we live, but above all we must maintain all the precautions “, declared Almeida, who understands – he has said – that” the Madrilenians, on this first weekend of Christmas lights, have wanted to go out “.

The mayor has pointed out that, although “outdoors, respecting distances, there should be no problems”, in any case “Crowds can pose a risk.”

For this reason he has ensured that “the City Council will activate all those measures that are essential to avoid that agglomerations may occur that pose risks “.

Christmas is a time of hope, but that doesn’t mean we can let our guard down“, the councilor concluded.