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South Korea will begin to administer the first of the 117,000 doses of Pfizer against coronavirus on February 27, a day after the first AstraZeneca vaccines arrive, the government announced today.

The plans call for vaccinating around 10 million high-risk people, including health workers and personnel and some residents of nursing homes and nursing homes, to be vaccinated in July.

Authorities have said that they will not use the AstraZeneca vaccine in people 65 years of age and older until more data on its effectiveness is obtained.

Apart from AstraZeneca and Pfizer, South Korea also reached agreements with Moderna, Novavax Inc, Johnson & Johnson, and the global vaccine exchange scheme COVAX, for the supply of their vaccines.

Chung announced last week that South Korea had tied additional deals with Novavax Inc to cover enough vaccines for 20 million people and with Pfizer to cover another 3 million, making the total supply enough to cover 79 million people, although South Korea has a population of 52 million.

The government says its goal is to achieve herd immunity NovemberAlthough South Korea’s leading medical experts have said that schedule will be virtually impossible to meet.

The Korea Agency for Disease Prevention and Control reported today 416 cases of COVID-19 as of midnight Saturday, bringing the total to 86,992.