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The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, faces an unprecedented rebellion from lawmakers from his own party who want to take away the emergency powers for the management of the pandemic, after the dimensions of the coronavirus crisis in nursing homes.

Democratic leaders in the New York Senate began on Wednesday to take steps to strip you of emergency powers that was awarded during the pandemic early last year.

This afternoon, State Senator Gustavo Rivera, Democratic Chairman of the Sanitation Committee, said that will take action asap to limit the powers of the governor.

This legislative measure would be a serious blow to Cuomo’s management, which has been criticized for its management of the coronavirus in nursing homes and has recently been accused of trying to hide data that showed the gravity of the situation in those centers.

In fact, the US attorney in Brooklyn and the FBI have launched a preliminary investigation against the Administration of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for hiding coronavirus deaths in nursing homes.

In recent weeks, it has been known that the number of elderly people in residential homes who have died from the disease is 15,000, almost double of the figures offered by the New York authorities, which at first assured that they were 8,500.