COVID-19 : Coronavirus in Spain and in the world: data, measures and restrictions

The coronavirus has already caused more than 111 million infections around the planet, leaving a balance of 2,460,726 deaths, according to the Johns Hopkins registry, early this morning this Sunday. According to that University, the three countries with the most registered infections are the United States (28,077,609), India (10,991,651) and Brazil (10,139,148). Regarding deaths, the United States adds 497,648, Brazil 245,977 and Mexico 179,797.

9:00 | France, fourth day in a row over 22,000 infections

The number of daily infections by COVID-19 remained in the report on Saturday in France above 22,000 for the fourth consecutive day, with 22,371 cases raising the total of positives to 3.58 million since the beginning of the epidemic. The death toll in hospitals in the last 24 hours stood at 183, with which there are already 84,147 as a result of COVID-19, according to the Public Health Agency.

8:30 | China: 423 active cases on the mainland

China registered 7 new cases of coronavirus on Saturday, all from abroad, without any contagion by local transmission, the National Health Commission reported. Active cases from abroad stood at 193, none of them serious, of the total of 4,928 imported infections registered since the beginning of the epidemic, which did not cause any deaths. The total of active cases stands at 423, including two serious ones, of the 89,831 detected since December 2020, which caused 4,636 deaths.

8:00 | Brazil gives the green light to the purchase of Russian and Indian vaccines

In the midst of the worsening pandemic, the Brazilian Government has confirmed that it will start the bidding process for the Sputnik V vaccine from Russia and Covaxin, from the Indian laboratory Bharat Biotech. The idea, according to the Ministry of Health, is to “speed up” the process of purchasing the products once they are approved by the health regulatory agency. The national vaccination campaign has already come to a standstill in several cities due to a shortage of new doses. The portfolio expects to purchase 10 million doses of the Russian formula and another 20 million doses of the Indian antigen. The delivery forecast is between the months of March and May.

7:30 | California Approaches 50,000 Dead

The United States reached 28,072,124 confirmed COVID-19 cases and 497,568 deaths from the disease on Saturday, adding 2,098 more deaths than on Friday and 100,747 new infections, according to the independent count from Johns Hopkins University. California is now the state hit hardest by the pandemic with 49,046 deaths, followed by New York (46,703), Texas (42,032), Florida (29,813), Pennsylvania (23,540), New Jersey (22,834) and Illinois (22,426).