COVID-19 : Coronavirus | How to make sure they will call you to get vaccinated?

The vaccination process continues to advance throughout the country. The first population group has already been almost fully immunized, with which, together with the foreseeable arrival of new vaccines in the next month, “stage two” is already underway.

Many autonomous communities have already begun, or will do so this week, the vaccination of people over 80 years of age and residents outside geriatric centers. Therefore, communication between the Primary Care centers where the doses will be administered and the patients is a factor of great interest and necessity.

Summons are being made by phone. And this is the reason why Health centers are asking patients to review and update their contact details to facilitate pre-immunization communication. For this, some regions, such as the Valencian Community, have enabled a form where citizens can fill in their data and update them in a few minutes.

The objective is that, as more vaccines become available to the autonomous communities, the obstacles in communication between health centers and patients are minimal and the vaccination process can advance more quickly.

This is how vaccination progresses in Spain

The autonomous communities have administered 3,090,351 doses of the coronavirus vaccines, which is 85.3% compared to the 3,622,165 received. Currently there 1,197,061 patients who have already received both doses of the vaccine, so they would already be immunized against the disease, according to the report of the Ministry of Health.

Doses of the P vaccinefizer / BioNTech are the ones that have reached Spain the most, with 3,012,165. Far below are AstraZeneca / Oxford (418,000) and Moderna (192,000). Also, for the moment no one has received two doses of the British vaccine.

The region with the highest percentage of vaccines compared to those received is Aragon (95.7%). They follow, above 90%, Ceuta (94.4%), Melilla (94.1%) and Estremadura (90%). After them, Andalusia (89.4%), Castile and Leon (88.7%), Valencian Community (87.9%), The Rioja (87.4%), Galicia (87.2%), Canary Islands (87%), Cantabria (86.5%), Navarre (86.4%) and Murcia (86.1%) are above the national average. Close the list Asturias (85%), Castilla la Mancha (83.8%), Balearics (83.7%), Catalonia (83.2%), Madrid (78.3%) and Basque Country (72.8%).