COVID-19 : Coronavirus | Half the dose of Moderna generates the same antibodies

Important news about the vaccine developed by Moderna and this time they are good. According to a study carried out in the United States, antibody production is the same if only half the dose is used. We remember, this precise solution of two doses, separated from each other a minimum of 21 days.

The study, published in the scientific journal Science Direct, has had patients over 18 years of age without risk of infection for coronavirus and that, in addition, they had not previously received no COVID vaccine.

Same amount of antibodies

After the application of the second of the doses to a portion of the 600 trial participants, found that both these (who received the 100 micrograms corresponding to the two doses) and those who received only one (50 micrograms) had the same levels of neutralizing antibodies. Thus, they were divided into two age groups: 18 to 55 years old and 55 and older.

Half of the volunteers, 300, received the full dose, while the rest received half, applied in two doses. At 28 days after vaccination, those who had received half had a lower immune response, but this changed when both groups received both doses.

“Binding and Neutralizing Antibody Responses can be broadly compared in participants who received the 100 microgram dose and the 50 microgram dose in both age groups “, affirm the authors of the research. In this way, they assure that Moderna’s vaccine is effective applying both 50 and 100 micrograms, provided it is given in two doses.

Finally, it is indicated that The most common adverse reactions after inoculation were “pain at the injection site, headache and fatigue after each vaccination in both age cohorts “.