COVID-19 : Coronavirus | Distribution of masks in Madrid: when is it, to whom and where are they delivered

The Government Delegation will distribute this Tuesday more than 1.6 million masks in the Community of Madrid, the Government delegate, José Manuel Franco, reported this Saturday from Navacerrada.

It will be the third installment of its kind and It would not be possible “without the collaboration of the municipalities”, who “whatever color they are, are making a great work in the day to day“And they are an” essential element to overcome the crisis, which has not yet been overcome, with their exceptional work in prevention. ” That is why, together with the socialist spokesman in the Assembly, Ángel Gabilondo, he moved to Navacerrada, to make clear the “Encouragement and solidarity” towards the municipalities of the sierra, “Where a good part of the people of Madrid seek refuge on weekends to forget their problems.”

Madrid approved the distribution of 120,000 masks among the population

In the plenary session of the City Council last week, PSOE, Más Madrid and Vox voted in favor of allocating around four million euros to the purchase of masks to distribute them for free among the most vulnerable population Madrid, which would mean that they would be destined for 120,000 people. The Popular Party and Citizens voted against this proposal. It is still unknown how the distribution will be made.

The initial intention, on the part of Vox, was to distribute free masks to all citizens over 6 years old, but this measure was rejected by all groups, mainly because it would cost € 400,000 per day.

In September, Madrid delivered Free masks for those over 65 through the more than 2,800 pharmacy offices. To receive them, you only had to present the health card, the DNI or NIE of the person benefiting from the mask.