COVID-19 : Coronavirus | César Carballo explains the steps to follow to avoid the fourth wave

After a tough month in January, with the number of infections increasing day by day, during the last days the cumulative incidence throughout Spain has been decreasing up to 385.65 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, far from the nearly 900 reached on January 27, which was the peak of this third wave.

The situation is also improving in the Community of Madrid, where now the incidence is at 529 points. A still high figure and with which experts recommend that the measures should not be relaxed. Thus, the Dr. César Carballo, from the Emergency Service of the Ramón y Cajal Hospitalblames this high incidence “in good part for the british strain, it is not clear that nor with antibodies we can face it, but the descent is very good news. “

In an intervention in the program Good morning Madrid, of Telemadrid, he is against opening the hand in relation to the measures. “Our neighbors in Note Ireland tell us that when it goes down, then the percentage goes to 40% (of the British strain) and still in some areas of Spain we have not reached that percentage, with which, eyes “.

Prevent a fourth wave

In this way, with the experience accumulated during these months of pandemic, the expert warns. “If we do the same as the second or third wave, we will again have a fourth, let’s not expect different results. You have to go to a COVID target zero. No need to relax measures until we have the pandemic under control“.

Variants and effectiveness of vaccines

Regarding the possibility that some of the new variants detected worldwide could pose a risk for vaccination against the coronavirus, Dr. Carballo expresses the following. “Probably the immunity of the vaccines will hold, although not so clear with the South African strain. The British is more transmissible and it would be study entire families infected. It affects us on a daily basis and we see entire families admitted. “

A few days ago, the Government of South Africa decided stop immunization with AstraZeneca vaccine, after a study revealed limited efficacy against the variant detected in the African country. “The suspension is temporary until we study the next step“Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said then.