COVID-19 : Coronavirus | An expert says what recommendations to follow to get together at Christmas

The Christmas is just around the corner, and with it a new challenge for health authorities and the general population this year 2020 marked by the coronavirus. The usual family gatherings that brought together many people in past years should give way to more restrained celebrations and always following preventive measures to avoid contagion.

It is in these types of meetings that many of the outbreaks currently occur, that is why it is necessary to follow a series of measures to protect ourselves and the most vulnerable. Sir David King, former scientific adviser to the British government, gives a recommendation in the newspaper Mirror.

This is none other than the self-isolation for ten days before Christmas for those who want to celebrate these days with the elderly, which in the end are one of the risk groups most affected by COVID-19. “People should exercise exceptional care unless they Isolate 10-12 days before. There will be a price to pay for Christmas“.

The expert points to “multigenerational” character of Christmas celebrations, which is a high risk. “Many children, without knowing it, will have the disease.”

Preventive quarantine for young people

The teacher is of the same opinion Susan Michie, University College London, which speaks of “great risk if younger people have not been isolated prior to contact with older relatives. If parents know that there will be vulnerable people around them, first they must want children to isolate themselves“.

Finally, the epidemiologist Gabriel Scally warns of the danger of a Christmas in which the measures are relaxed. “There is no doubt that Christmas will increase cases and cause deaths“.