COVID-19 : Coronavirus: A simulator allows calculating the contagion risks that may exist in a meeting

Citizens are still waiting for the news about the restrictions that will be applied during Christmas. The final number of people who will be able to attend family reunions and Planning your Christmas Eve or New Year’s Eve dinners for the time being will have to wait.

In any case, prevention measures will continue to be essential and Christmas will necessarily have to be different the usual ones, as the authorities insist. Citizens are aware of this and of the risks that family reunions can entail if the experts’ recommendations are not followed.

With the aim of knowing these risks, the digital edition of the German weekly Die Zeit has developed a simulator that allows you to calculate the chances of getting infected both in a family gathering and in other areas (an office, a restaurant, a classroom …).

Interactive tool

Through an interactive tool You can establish the number of people that will be in a closed space, the conditions in which they will be and the expected time of the meeting. Die Zeit explains that there are two constants in each scenario: that one of the people in the room is contagious and all individuals respect social distance.

An example of how it works could be done with the maximum number of people considered by the Government for Christmas meetings, six, and calculating a meeting time of four hours, which could well be on Christmas Eve from 20:30 to 00:30, taking into account a possible curfew at 1:00. If we add that it is a 40 square meter space, which does not apply any ventilation and is spoken in a normal tone of voice without masks, the result that the tool produces is that contagion would occur.

But nevertheless, using these same guidelines, but with permanent ventilation, no contagion would occur, according to this interactive tool, which allows a multitude of combinations. With the Die Zeit simulator it is also possible perform these calculations for a school classroom, music choir, restaurant, office, or living room.