Donald Trump will visit the state of Arizona on Tuesday, one of the red spots for COVID-19 cases in the United States

The president of United States, Donald Trump, will visit this Tuesday the state of Arizona, one of the red spots of COVID-19 in the country after the considerable increase in the number of cases reported in recent weeks.

This trend continued this Monday, when the state Department of Health reported other 2,196 new cases of coronavirus.

Last week, Arizona reported more than 2,000 new cases daily, reporting a record number of 3 thousand 246 cases last Friday.

It is planned that Trump Visit the Arizona-Mexico border, specifically the Yuma region, where part of the border wall is currently being built and also one of the regions where COVID-19 cases have increased.

County Yuma reported to date 4 thousand 591 cases.

After visiting YumaTrump will attend a church in Phoenix, where it is expected that more than 3 thousand people will attend the electoral act.

The city of Phoenix passed an ordinance last Friday making the use of face masks mandatory as a measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

However, it is known that the president Trump has refused to wear face masks in public.

The mayor of PhoenixKate Gallego said in a message on social media that the Policeman He will not be applying this new regulation during the event organized by the Trump campaign.

However, he said he expects the governor of ArizonaDoug Ducey “lead by example” and wear a face mask during the event.

Ducey authorized municipalities to make their own decisions regarding the use of face masks, and most cities immediately took steps to make mandatory use of face masks before the increase in cases.

In Arizona, currently the group that reports the highest number of infections of COVID-19 they are those between 20 and 44 years of age, who register 48 percent of infections.

The most affected ethnic group are the latinos, with 26 percent of the cases, although this figure could be higher, since the ethnic group is unknown for 42 percent of the cases.

During June, cases of coronavirus in Arizona have been doubled. If on June 1, 20 thousand 123 cases were reported throughout the state, today this figure is 54 thousand 586 cases.

To date they are reported 1,342 dead in Arizona related to COVID-19.

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