Clot formation leading to thrombosis, as well as damage to multiple organs at the same time, such as the lungs, liver, kidney, heart and brain, are observed in the country in patients with Covid-19 who are in the last phase of severity. admitted to Intensive Care Units.

This is stated by the neurosurgeon José Joaquín Puello when pointing out that among the patients who go from phase three to phase four of severity due to Covid-19 admitted to the specialized unit that works in Cecanot, this behavior is being observed, especially in those who have other co -morbidities such as hypertension, diabetes, cancer, with HIV and in the elderly.

He said that in these most critical patients very high levels of ferritin (iron), protopin (potassium) and Dimer D (coagulation disorder) are recorded, having a patient in Cecanot who came to have 292 thousand units of Dimer D when normal is up to 400 units, which shows you that there is a coagulopathy. He pointed out that today it is known that although the virus enters the lung cells first, it is multipotential that ultimately attacks the liver, kidney, heart and brain, just as with the influenza virus it can attack several organs at the same time.

He recalled that in the new Cecanot building located in the Luis Eduardo Aybar Sanitary City, there is a team of 150 people including doctors and nurses who work 24 hours a day in patient care with Covid.


He said that when a patient presents a coagulopathy indicates that the case is very serious, since in medicine that is called extravascular dissemination which indicates that it is serious because from there to death is a step.

These patients, he points out, are treated with anticoagulant medications, just like those with heart disease who have thrombosis or those with strokes.

That is recorded, he explains, in about 1.2 percent of patients, which is low. He understands that in the end the general lethality for the virus will be very low, which would be below one percent.

He understands that the critical state in patients with Covid is defined by several things, but above all, the co-morbidities that they have and the age, which is what also influences the behavior of any other virus, which is generally primed in these terms.

A healthy person who has not used drugs, who does not smoke, who does not have any underlying disease can have the virus and present in a mild way, says the neurology specialist.


He explained that in phase three, the patient has lung problems that need ventilation but not intubation, which should be used as a last resort already in phase four, which is the most serious, where oxygen does not enter the lung and red blood cells they no longer bind with oxygen.

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