The fact that almost all activities have been stopped due to lockdown is wreaking havoc on the green vehicle market

The pandemic caused by the outbreak of Covid-19 it continues to do its thing economically and the auto industry is no exception. The fact that almost all activities have come to a halt due to lockdown is wreaking havoc on the green vehicle market.

Mexican newspaper reports Millennium They point out that, during the month of June, this industry registered a decrease in that country of 44.3% compared to the sale that was reported during the same month of June, but in 2019.

The negative impact was received by hybrid and electric vehicles.

The data were obtained from National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI) and they point out that, this month, the automotive agencies that are mainly in the state of Puebla, reported the sale of only 44 units of this type, while last year, on these same dates , the acquisition of 79 was recorded.

Although it is emphasized that the drop in sales It was in all of Mexico, the state of Puebla managed to position itself as one of the states with the most sales.

It was recently announced that all electric cars will have until September 2020 to be free of tariffs in the Mexican nation.

According to the Administrative Registry of the Automotive Industry of Heavy Vehicles (Raiavap), which belongs to INEGI, from 2018 to June 2020, more than 430 hybrid cars were imported to Mexico.


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