COVID-19 : C Tangana stars in the controversy for a party with more than 6 people and without distances

Since the confinement began, a date that is on the way to one year, a multitude of personalities have starred in the controversy for breaking the restrictions, specifying this type of practice in recent weeks. Although on social networks they tend to share all kinds of content from their private lives, it seems that some are not aware of the impact that each of their videos has. This is the case of the artist C Tangana, who in the last hours has shared a video in which he is seen bypassing all security restrictions.

The artist, partying without limitations

This same Thursday his new single will be released, called ‘Eat you whole’, and the singer decided to celebrate the countdown through his social networks, sharing the release date in his stories. However, it did not fall into that in the video there were more than six people in a space that could well be a house. Of course, none of the attendees wore the mask or kept the recommended safety distance.

For this reason, in the last hours C Tangana has received a multitude of criticism from various followers who did not feel well at all that the artist was celebrating in the middle of the pandemic, when this type of meeting is totally prohibited. The singer himself seems to have forgotten how dangerous is the virus that he himself has already suffered in his own flesh, since last October he tested positive for coronavirus.

There have been many messages that have arrived through social networks and it is that some of his followers have taken the opportunity to rescue the worrying data of the last hours due to coronavirus in Spain. “A rebound of 408 deaths in Spain and you with 14 people behind closed doors, without a mask or distance. Very bad, very bad, “prayed one of the most critical and joined by many others.

“I am glad to see the responsibility of celebrities in the face of the pandemic,” said another of C Tangana’s followers, referring to the unfortunate images that some of the most recognized national and international personalities are starring, especially in recent weeks. However, there are also comments that go further, such as those who point out that the video is intentionally shared to have more impact on the launch of their new song.