COVID-19 : Boris Johnson sets a date for the return to normality in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is undoubtedly one of the countries with the highest vaccination rate in the world. Given the good progress of the campaign, Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the country, has established a roadmap that will lead to a return to normality for its citizens starting June 21.

Interval between stages

There will be an interval of at least five weeks between each of the stages (except for the first, which is divided into two steps) of the plan to allow the iImpact of changes in infection rates and hospital admissions. The key dates are as follows:

As of March 8: all Schools will open and extracurricular outdoor sports and activities will be allowed. Likewise, recreation will be allowed in public outdoor spaces and there will be a green light for two people sit down for a coffee, a drink or a picnic.

From March 29: can be done outdoor gatherings of six people or two different households. Outdoor sports facilities, such as tennis or basketball courts, will reopen and organized sports for adults and children, such as grassroots football, will also return. The high school students will be able to access the tests and they will be asked to use mask in classrooms and in shared spaces such as hallways.

As of April 12: is planned the reopening of major players in the economy. The activities will return to activity non-essential retailers, hair salons, and some public buildings like libraries. Leisure will be allowed in indoor facilities such as swimming pools or gyms. One of the great novelties is that You can travel independently to establishments with kitchens or camping. For trips abroad, we will have to wait until this date of the plan developed by Johnson passes.

As of May 17: if the data allows it, goodbye to the ‘rule of six’ for outdoor gatherings and it will increase significantly up to a limit of 30 people. Residents in two different homes will be able to blend into the interiors and vThey will eventually open cinemas, museums, hotels, shows and sporting events. The football stadiums may host up to 10,000 viewers, while for weddings, receptions, funerals or wakes the limit will be set at 30 people.

As of June 21: if the situation allows, yese deals with the date on which the limits established for social contact will end. Nightclubs will be able to reopen their doors and the British Executive hopes to remove restrictions on weddings and funerals.

Confidence for spring and summer

Once prthis plan is laid out, Boris Johnson stated that the goal was to be “cautious, but irreversible. At each stage, decisions will be based on data, not dates. There was no credible route to a Great Britain without COVID nor a world without COVID. “

Likewise, the leader trusted that the situation will be very different in spring and summer: “They will be seasons of hope, of seeing each other and feel incomparably better for all of us. “