COVID-19 : Bill Gates defends himself against “conspiracy theories” about the creation of the coronavirus

Bill Gates has been constantly in the eye of the hurricane since the first cases of coronavirus began to be known. Many people placed him in the center of numerous conspiracy theories: has been accused of lead a class of global elites, of try to implant microchips in people or that the coronavirus was a sample of their efforts to depopulate the planet.

During the interview with the newspaper El País, the tycoon came up against these hypotheses: “The pandemic has generated a level of debate and conspiracy theories that I would never have imagined. Dr. Fauci and I lead theories that suggest that, instead of trying to save lives, we are doing the opposite; or that instead of donating money, we seek to do business. The problem becomes very serious if it makes people believe that wearing a mask or getting a vaccine is not important. “

Multitude of messages

Despite this, expressed in the aforementioned media his confidence that this perception will end up changing: “We have lived such a difficult situation that people were looking for simplistic answers, like: ‘It is the fault of this man’. It’s not that surprising, but what I didn’t know to anticipate is how digital channels were going to favor millions of sending of messages on these topics every day. I hope things slow down. “

The danger of climate change

Despite the devastating effects of COVID-19 across the globe, Gates assured in El País that “climate change is more complicated than a pandemic. The amount of resources we are asking that they be prioritized for the cause is much higher than those invested to get a vaccine. “

“But the damage in economic terms and in human lives is vastly greater. How can this be avoided? In an ideal setting, school curricula must address climate change. On the other hand, more and more people are witnessing or suffering from extreme weather events, and that is something that, however tragic, you are contributing to a change in attitude. I think this is one of the reasons “added the tycoon.

Previous warnings

This is not an isolated demonstration, since in his personal blog he already warned about this phenomenon in mid-2020: “To understand the type of damage that climate change will inflict, just think about the devastation caused by COVID-19 and anticipate similar damage during a a much longer period in time. In other words, by 2060, climate change could be as deadly as COVID-19, and by 2100 it could be five times more deadly. “