COVID-19 : Asturias is about to have more immunized than infected

The vaccination process in the Principality of Asturias continues at a good pace. If everything continues as expected, In a few days it will be possible to overcome an important barrier, making the total number of people immunized with the coronavirus vaccine exceed the number of infections.

According to the data offered by the Ministry of Health last Friday, The Ministry of Health had already administered a total of 90,123 doses since last December 27, and of these, 36,392 have been destined to complete the entire vaccination (with two doses) of thousands of Asturians. With the two injections, with 21 days of difference between them, more than 36,000 Asturians are already immunized, 3.56% of the population.

In the absence of new data this week, those infected in Asturias since the beginning of the pandemic have been 42,465, which represents more than 4% of the population. Of course, this figure also includes people who have been vaccinated, and even many of those who have not finally been able to overcome the disease, which already exceed 2,000 deaths.

Therefore, the figures are very close, and as the number of daily infections decreases and vaccinations continue at a great rate, soon it will be possible to finally speak of more vaccinated than infected. Without a doubt, great news for the community.

How the vaccination has been so far

On December 27, 2020, the first vaccine was given in Asturias. It was for Eulalia Josefa Paleo, known as ‘Pepita’, in the Mixed Residence of Gijón. After her, more than 90,000 doses were administered. Specifically, some 36,392 Asturians have received the two doses, while 17,339 have already received the first and are waiting for the 21 days necessary to receive the second and thus join the first group.

Still 23,000 vaccines remain uninoculated, according to data from last Sunday, to which a new batch will be added. Thus, if nothing goes wrong and the deadlines and indications of the Ministry of Health and the different laboratories are met, 10,000 doses could be given this week. This has been the rate reached approximately so far in February, even reaching almost 12,000 in the last week.

The figure that Asturias hopes to reach or exceed this week is that of 46,000 immunized people, which will already be higher than that of contagions, also counting on the downward trend. The average in the last week has been less than 200 infections a day.

The next step, those over 80 and dependents

Once the vaccination process has been completed in geriatric residences and health personnel, andhe next step is to vaccinate large dependents and those over 80 years of age, which make a total of more than 84,000 Asturians. They belong to groups 4 and 5 designated by the Ministry of Health.

At the moment, people are being cited by age groups and those over 95 years of age are already being served. And all of them will receive vaccines from Pfizer or Moderna. On the other hand, the 9,000 doses received from AstraZeneca will go to essential workers under 55 years of age.