COVID-19 : AstraZeneca defaults: will give less than half of planned vaccines in second quarter

AstraZeneca is in breach of the European Union (EU) again. As revealed by ., the pharmaceutical deliver less than half of the coronavirus vaccines it agreed to supply in the second quarter of 2021.

An EU official who has participated in the talks with the company has explained that after several internal meetings, “AstraZeneca would deliver fewer than 90 million doses in the second quarter.” In the contract signed between both parties, the company had agreed to give 180 million doses for that period.

A spokesperson for the firm noted in the aforementioned media that they hope to comply with the agreement: “Because we are working incredibly hard to increase productivity from our supply chain to the EU and we do our best to comply with our global supply chain, We are hopeful that we will be able to meet deliveries on the advance purchase agreement line. “

Difficulty meeting the goal

It is not the first time that an event of this type has occurred with the Anglo-Swedish company, since supplies were also reduced in the first quarter. If this new unforeseen event is confirmed, the objective of the EU to vaccinate 70% of the population for the summer would be disrupted.

130 million doses

Globally, total supply of AstraZeneca to the EU could be around 130 million doses by the end of June. It is a a figure very far from the 300 million to which it had promised to deliver by that date.

. too have had access to a document from the German Ministry of Health in which it is stated that the pharmaceutical company will cover all shortfalls in deliveries by the end of September. As stated in the document, Germany will receive 34 million doses in the third quarter.