COVID-19 : Andalusia, on the right track, 1,000 hospitalized and 100 fewer ICU admissions in the last week

Andalusia continues to advance in its fight against the coronavirusOn the good road started a few days ago, it has managed to reduce the number of hospitalized patients, 1,000 people have been able to return home. In addition, those admitted to ICU have been reduced, the people who suffer the most terrible consequences of this virus are less and less. This autonomous community is, little by little, returning to normal after a third wave that has been the worst to date, with figures never seen before, despite the preventive measures decreed, nothing has prevented an increase in infections.

Andalusia registers 1,220 cases, 870 less than last Sunday

The first indicator that has improved considerably these days is that of the infected. Today, Sunday February 21 1,220 new cases have been registered, 870 less than seven days ago. Good news that comes after a harsh confinement and a closure of non-essential activities that reduces mobility to the maximum.

The 1,220 positives this Sunday represent the lowest figure since Tuesday, when 972 were added, the best figure in a month and a half, after the 1,634 on Saturday, the 2,293 infections on Friday, the 1,803 on Thursday and the 1,788 on Wednesday. On Monday there were 1,187. The data speaks for itself in this apparent end of the third wave.

By provinces, Malaga is the one with the most cases, with 282, followed by Seville with 203, Cádiz with 191, Almería with 180, Granada with 160, Córdoba with 120, Jaén with 45 and Huelva with 39. The decrease in cases is considerable in a few days in which the struggle to contain the virus in all Andalusia and in the whole world. The new, more contagious strains have marked these weeks in which nothing has managed to stop this disease.

The worst part of these infections is taken by those who end up losing their lives due to this virus. The most vulnerable people are those who suffer the harshest consequences. In just 24 hours there have been 39 deaths as a consequence of this virus. They are lower than 46 on Saturday, 69 on Friday, 83 on Thursday, 77 on Wednesday and 113 on Tuesday, but they are higher than 38 on Monday. Every life matters, even if it were only one, it would already be a failure of health and preventive measures that are used to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

Cádiz is the province that adds the most deaths with 12, followed by Seville with ten, Malaga with seven, Granada with five, Huelva with two and Jaén, Almería and Córdoba with one each. No province is spared the terrible blow of the coronavirus, saying goodbye to a loved one in these times of pandemic is almost inhumane.

Andalusia drops by 244 hospitalized to 2,333

Andalusia has this Sunday, February 21, 2,333 people hospitalized for coronavirus, 244 less than the day before and 1,056 less in seven days, of which 581 are in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), 24 less than the day before and 96 less than last Sunday.

The third wave has been worse than the previous two, with data that has surpassed all records. Sadly, there have been more victims, reaching more than 120 people killed in one day and there have also been more hospitalizations. Hospital pressure has been enormous, but luckily it is already beginning to subside.

Far from the peak of the third wave reached on February 2 (4,980) and the second of November 10 (3,478). The autonomous community is 375 patients from the peak of the first wave of March 30, 2020 (2,708). In a couple of days the incidence of the first wave will be reached, in March the Andalusians managed to keep the coronavirus at fairly low levels, but the waves that arrived later managed to almost equate these data with those of other autonomous communities.

Regarding hospitalized patients, those admitted to the ICU are of particular concern. The 581 patients in the ICU make Andalusia they still exceed the peak reached in the second wave on November 18 (528) with a 53 difference and even more that of the first wave on March 30 (439) with a 142 difference. The peak of the third wave (735) was recorded on Sunday, February 7. These patients continue to improve little by little, but Andalusia continues to be far from the values ​​it would like.

Despite data indicating considerable improvement, We must not lower our guard. The best way to avoid an infectious disease is to stay home. Only in this way will a contagion that can arrive, as seen with the data of past days, with thousands of infected in a single day be avoided. The battle continues to be played in Andalusia and throughout the world, the coronavirus is still very much alive.