Covid-19 and the dream epidemic






After a year of pandemic, our body and mind begin to express their wear and tear.

The virus containment measures, confinements, mobility limitations and meeting with other people, are very important behavior changes for humans and we can feel prisoners of a reality that we don’t like.

Covid-19 has become the great stressor because it is affecting all areas of our life, and sleep has been one of them.

Many authors have already indicated that we are facing a dream epidemic produced by Covid-19 and is that this small invisible virus is sneaking into our night dreams.

When we experience traumatic or worrying situations, our subconscious can anguish in dreams with the images of these concerns that we carry.

It has been observed that dreams in times of Covid-19, focus on topics like the presence of the virus in our lives, the fear of contagion, the problems to maintain social distance and now we are also dreaming of vaccination.

I myself, in my daily practice, meet patients who tell me that they have dreamed that they went to a pharmacy to buy masks FFP-2 or who bought hydroalcoholic gel. There are also patients who have dreamed that they were in a crowd and worried in the dream when they became aware that the virus was present and that this behavior was a risk.

And these kinds of dreams, I think they expose the power of mindand the complexity of the human being.

You should know that night dreams have very important functions (whether we remember them in the morning or not), including:

They help us to regulate emotions that we have not managed properly while awake. We process the information that has come to us during the day. We fix in our memory everything we have learned. We process events that shock us and that we fear. They help us prepare to face situations. complex of life.

The dream epidemic that Covid-19 has unleashed has some interesting explanations, such as the fact that the changes in routines Daily have led to a significant percentage of the population sleeping more hours. When we sleep longer, we have more phases of REM sleep and the longer we are in this phase or the more phases we have throughout the night, the more we dream.

I believe that the fact that the pandemic has crept into our dreams is an indication that we are worried about what will happen and what we still have to face, but I also feel that we are adapting to this new world full of uncertainties.

The other day, I was watching a movie and I was very surprised that the actors were not wearing masks. This is happening to other people and it is a sign that our brain has adapted to this “normality” that we now live in, coming to perceive as strange what was habitual less than a year ago.

I believe our night dreams help us in this adaptation to the pandemic. The interesting thing about our dream world is that it unites elements that impact us with other images that sometimes seem ridiculous or impossible, all these images are actually symbols that help us better understand what is happening in our mind, especially in our mind. subconscious.

Our dreams change with our life, They are modified with our needs, concerns and with the events that occur in it. That is why I love to peek into the subconscious universe of my own and of others. I think that’s why I launched a dream interpretation service on my website.

Because I have realized that the dreams of my patients whisper their progress to me, they tell me what worries them and what we need to work on in therapy. But even more surprising, I have become aware that our subconscious supports us, accompanies us, gives us advice and becomes a great support, because deep down it wants to reassure us.

I think night dreams are snapshots of our life. The subconscious reflects everything you think and feel, everything that worries you and also all the changes you make in your life by taking care of yourself and listening to yourself more.

And maybe on some occasion you have had a strange feeling in the middle of a dream … that you were aware that what you were seeing and living was a dream. If it has happened to you, you should know that you have experienced lucid dream.

When we have this experience, we are able to influence our dreams when we are asleep, it is a type of conscious dream in which we are floating between sleep and wakefulness. In these cases, it is common for us to say things like “it’s just a dream” and in this way we calm down or change what happens in our dream. In reality, lucid dreaming occurs because we are in a intermediate state of consciousness, where we are awake and asleep at the same time.

So if you have noticed that the Covid-19 virus and the pandemic have crept into your dreams, you can rest easy. It is happening to a percentage of the world’s population and it is only a reflection of what worries you and that you are adapting to this exceptional situation that we are experiencing.

And if you have a dream whose meaning you want to know, I invite you to visit my website to find out more about the dream interpretation service that I offer. You can access from here.

Listen to your subconscious … it whispers to you in your dreams

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