COVID-19 : An elderly man is infected with COVID after being vaccinated with the two doses, but is asymptomatic

A user of a residence in Arrasate / Mondragón, in Guipúzcoa, has tested positive for COVID-19 a week after receiving the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine, reports Diario Vasco. The elderly are asymptomatic, which, according to the experts cited in this newspaper it is a normal situation, since “the vaccine prevents the disease, but not the infection”.

The positive has been located after a preventive mapping carried out by the Guipúzcoa Provincial Council in the San Juan de Dios center in the town of Arrasate / Mondragón. Amós García, president of the Spanish Association of Vaccination, indicated to the Basque newspaper that it isYou fact reveals “that the vaccine works.”

The old man has been put in isolation, since the contagion protocols are still in force, although the vaccinations have already taken place. Vaccination experts assure that “it is possible that the positive continues to infect”, although it is not really known exactly “under what conditions can transmit the disease people already inoculated”.

The possibility of the infected person suffering symptoms is low, since “the efficacy of the vaccine is very high” and it would only happen “when they have not generated the necessary immunity” to defeat the disease. For experts, all cases are “different” and lThe spread of the virus would depend on factors such as the “date of vaccination, previous pathologies of the person and even viral conditions that it has generated”.

Spain about to reach 3 million doses

Vaccination in Spain continues its rhythm and yesterday closed the day with a total of 2,936,011 doses administered, which represents 81.1% of the doses delivered to the autonomous communities. Up to 1,171,026 people already have the complete vaccination schedule.

The most widespread vaccine is that of Pfizer with more than 2.7 million doses administered. The vaccine AstraZeneca is the second with most doses delivered to the autonomous communities (418,000), but the third in terms of administered doses (89,551) in front of that of Modern, of which have been some 126,000 of the 192,000 delivered.