COVID-19 : A high-tech N95 mask for COVID-19, has even light

How far will inventions and experiments go to make masks more attractive? As long as these are still necessary to protect us from the coronavirus, companies do not seem destined to skimp on resources to develop the most innovative. If not, let them tell it to the lifestyle gaming company Razer, which has designed a high-tech one.

Is about an N95 mask, created to bring elegance and futurism to protection against coronavirus. To do this, it has used all kinds of hardware resources and cutting-edge technology to add to the facial mask multiple accessories that make it special.

With digital intelligence, within a conceptual design of the Hazel Project, A quite revolutionary mask against COVID-19 has been created, although it is not the first to opt for something similar nor will it be the only one. Yes it can be assured that once it is launched on the market it will not be affordable.

The characteristics of the mask

Razer has added to what would be, in principle, a normal mask, various attractions that make you present a very special design. To get started, It has active ventilation and automatic sterilization.

With some replaceable filters and rechargeable fans in capsules, the idea is that it is also sustainable. For it, It has a case that can be charged wirelessly and a UV sterilizer.

It also has silicone on the edges, which allow an airtight seal, and adjustable ear muffs. This also adjusts the amount of air entering. It has various sizes and in the front there is a transparent area to show the mouth.

To facilitate that movement of the mouth when speaking is seen, and to add futurism and aesthetics, Razer has chosen to place internal LEDs, which emit enough light so that the mouth is visible when there is little light. There are also LEDs on the capsules, which indicate the state of charge, and precisely these capsules have some audio algorithms that make audio sound better.