COVID-19 : 24-hour Perfume Masks: types, characteristics, prices and how to buy online

Close to one year since the outbreak of the first wave of the coronavirus, the mask market is still booming. Since its mandatory use was implemented last spring, we have known endless models, shapes and colors of the different types of masks that are still for sale. What if surgical, FFP2, hygienic, reusable, disposable … the truth is that we have all become ‘experts’ in this matter.

But already on the subject of prices, things become more complicated. And it is that, since last May, the fixed price of the mask has been alternating with the passage of the months, especially in the face of the controversies that arose when knowing the so low price of the same masks in a country as close as Portugal . In Spain, since last November, the maximum price for a surgical mask was set at 62 cents. However, many portals continue to sell them at a price much lower than that established by the Government.

Is the case Perfumes 24h, portal that offers a wide range of masks at very low prices, suitable for any pocket. Some of those offered through their website are manufactured in Spain and, despite the fact that they all comply with health regulations, Not all the types of masks offered through their portal are certified by the European Union.

Surgical masks

If you take a look at the page, there is no doubt that they are the cheapest you can find. You can find them in all colors, although the most common are blue, white, black and even pink – there is even a pack of masks of all colors. You can find them in a price range from 4 cents to 15 cents as the most expensive option, always depending on the color, the manufacture in Spain, its effectiveness (between 95 or 99%) or the certificates that these masks have passed. The most expensive you will find will be 19 cents in the case of masks with a checkered decoration.

Although its price per unit is so low, both for this type of mask and for the FFP2, on this page you have to buy by packs. Still, the price makes up for it. For example, in the case of three-layer surgical masks, with EU certificate, manufactured in Spain and with an effectiveness of more than 95%, You can get a pack of 50 masks for € 5.44 or 100 masks for € 12.10, that is, € 0.07 per unit. They also sell packs of 200, 1000 and even 5000 units in all available models.

FFP2 or FFP3 masks

They are marketed in the same way as surgical ones: in packs. They are double protection masks, available in various types of colors -white, black, green, gray, purple or pink- and whose price varies depending on the number of layers, their manufacture or the certificates that they have obtained for sale. The price range goes from 29 cents to 79 cents, being already an FFP3 with European certification. In the case of the cheapest ones, the 20-pack costs € 11.86 and the 40-unit pack costs € 21.30.

Also available for children

At prices equal to older models, Perfumerías 24h also works with children’s sizes. In addition, there are options with drawings and military print in various colors. Like the previous cases, they are also sold by packs. And, in case you want to do with surgical masks and FFP2, There is also an option to buy it together: they are sold at 17 cents per unit, in different packs, but the cheapest are 20 FFP2 and 50 surgical masks for € 17.11. You can take a look through its website and place the order online.