COVID-19 : 10 disinfectant products to clean the house, fabrics and textiles

Washing your hands is essential to avoid infection from diseases such as covid-19, flu, and other viruses. However, these can remain on some surfaces in the home and remain hazardous to health. So to help you maintain hygiene, this time we have selected 10 disinfectant products to clean the house, fabrics, textiles and other household surfaces. Among them you will find solutions, wipes, sprays, carpets and other multipurpose disinfectants brands like Sanytol and Lysol.

Lysol multipurpose disinfectant spray

Disinfects effectively all surfaces and household objects with this multipurpose spray from Lysol. Its formula without bleach, phosphates or colorants he is able to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including those that cause colds and flu. Besides, also ends with dirt and stains leaving no abrasive chemical residue, but yes a nice apple smell. Box includes six liter jars.

Lysol multipurpose disinfectant spray

Cooper Protect Spray Cleaning Alcohol

Just like the alcohol gel we use to clean our hands, this spray version is ideal for disinfect all types of household surfaces: trash cans, shoe soles, shopping bags, keys, mobiles, doorknobs and more. Leaves no residue Y evaporates quickly, so it can be used safely. The pot contains 300 ml of product.

aerosol disinfectant

Naturelle disinfectant wet wipes

Thanks to its formula with complex of vitamin E, silver ions and D-panthenol, these wipes can be used to remove bacteria and viruses from any surface. Also, since do not contain alcohol, can also be used to clean hands and skin. The offer includes 12 packages with 120 wipes each, for a total of 1440 wipes.

Naturelle disinfectant wet wipes

Sanytol bleach-free household cleaner

If you want to take advantage of cleaning days to completely disinfect floors and surfaces at home, this disinfectant is the best alternative. It can use both directly, with the help of a cloth, and diluted in water to mop the floor. The best is that does not contain bleach, hence does not give off vapors, does not stain clothes Y does not damage surfaces either, including those of wood or marble. The packaging contains 1200 ml.

how to disinfect the house

Cooper Protect Bactericidal Spray

It ends not only with bacteria and the virus, but also the mushrooms and the mold of home surfaces with this bactericide. The container, of 200 ml, has a comfortable diffuser that facilitates its application. The best thing is to leave a pleasant mint scent which increases the feeling of cleanliness.

disinfectant sprayer

Sanytol fabric disinfectant air freshener

With this Sanytol household and fabric disinfectant you won’t have to worry about damaging the fabrics for rugs, sofas, curtains, cushions, mattresses, pillows and other non-washable fabrics. Its formula offers a triple action what eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses, Besides that perfumes the environment for eliminate odors such as tobacco, moisture, pets, and urine. Package includes six 300 ml containers each.

sanytol household and fabric disinfectant

Lysol disinfectant bathroom spray

Without a doubt, bathrooms are one of the places in the home where we most want to ensure hygiene. That is the specialty of this Lysol disinfectant, what eliminates 99.9% of bacteria (E. coli, salmonella, etc.) and virus (flu and colds). In addition, it is effective for remove dirt and lime and soap stains. Does not contain bleach, phosphates or dyes, hence leaves no harsh chemicals on the surface. The box contains six spray cans of one liter each.

Lysol disinfectant bathroom spray

Sanytol textile disinfectant

Disinfecting clothes can be tricky… or not. With this specific Sanytol solution, which can be applied directly to the softener compartment of the washing machine at any temperature, you can eliminate germs and odor of all your clothes. Can be used for underwear, sportswear, home textiles and even for baby and children’s clothing. Box includes four 1200 ml containers each.

Sanytol textile disinfectant

Wubben sanitizing shoe mat

Removes dirt and bacteria from footwear when entering home with this cheerful disinfectant mat that, unlike other models, does not require further drying. You just have to moisten it with the disinfectant product of our preference to start using it. Sterilizes practically just by stepping on it and is made with high quality and resistant synthetic fibers.

disinfectant carpets

Disinfectant wipes for dogs and cats

The trips of pets to the street inevitably bring bacteria and viruses with them to the house. Luckily, these wipes make disinfection of dogs and cats, since they only need to be gently passed over the areas to be cleaned no need to rinse or dry. Also, they leave a pleasant aroma to white musk and chlorhexidine. Package includes 40 wipes.

Disinfectant wipes for dogs and cats

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