The media and communication channels are one of the most excited players with the NBA’s return to Disney. The content that will be generated will be especially relevant for audiences for various reasons, but to access it, they must pay a particularly high-sounding sum.

The guidelines and conditions that the media that decide to cover the remainder of the season of the professional basketball league, which has the peculiarity of having as a stage one of the complexes owned by Disney, were recently announced.

The rules to follow

The rules issued by the NBA for the coverage of this awaited event are designed to respect the healthy distance at all times as well as to ensure that a focus of contagion does not occur within the Disney complex.

Among some things that stand out in these guidelines is the daily payment of $ 550 (11,500 pesos) per person, which will allow representatives of the interesting media to access the following benefits and requirements for coverage:

Hotel room on a secure campus
Covid-19 daily test
Three foods per day
Transportation between the hotel and the places of play / practice
Physically distanced personal access, the post-game interview room and designated media.

In addition to this, it has been indicated that before traveling, the representatives of the media must meet the following requirements:

Stay in quarantine at home for at least 7 days before arrival. They will only be able to go out to carry out essential activities such as buying groceries or collecting medicines.
You are on the lookout for Covid symptoms. 19 identified and recognized by the CDC and inform the NBA if the reporter or any member of your household experiences them.
If presented, you would not be able to travel to campus, even if a doctor authorizes the trip.
Review, fill out and sign the necessary medical and legal forms.

Along these same lines, once visitors arrive at the Disney hotel they should:

Begin a 7-day quarantine in the assigned room.
People cannot leave their room, except for the test and no other person can enter
Food and drinks will be delivered to the room during the quarantine period.
Daily a Covid-19 test will be performed
Temperature controls and detection of symptoms will be relaxed, as well as oxygen saturation in the blood.
In early September, the media could change their representatives. The expenses of this exchange will run through the medium with a cost close to $ 4,500.
Only 10 media will receive accreditation with a maximum of one person per media.

More than a million pesos

Considering the time that the media representatives will have to stay in the complex to cover and cover the requested quarantine, the informational spaces interested should allocate close to $ 50,600, which translates into more than one million 100 A thousand pesos.

For Disney this seems to materialize what was already expected. It is a round business for the firm. With the arrival of the NBA at its complex, and despite the fact that the games will be held without an audience, the company could earn a little more than expected and double. On the one hand, what can be counted is what the company can perceive for the occupation of its complex, while on the other it must consider the part of the broadcasting rights that its ESPN subsidiary has over the NBA.