Court declares priest guilty of rape in Ciudad Juárez

Chihuahua, Chih.- A Prosecution Court found the priest Aristeo Baca guilty of the crimes of rape and aggravated sexual abuse against an 8-year-old girl, when the victim participated as an altar girl in the church she was in charge of in Juarez City.

Judges Carlos Rodríguez, Florina Coronado and Arnulfo Arellanes issued the conviction this afternoon for the events that occurred in December 2015, September 2016 and January 2018.

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for Women, which led the process against the accused, announced that it will request a sentence of 80 years in prison against him.

During the oral trial held this day, the accusing party presented testimonial evidence from at least 20 witnesses, official expert opinions and documentary evidence, accrediting that the defendant sexually assaulted the victim on at least three occasions, between the years 2015 to 2018.

The evidence presented at trial indicates that the defendant “broke the relationship of trust and took advantage of the access he had to the victim, who worked as an altar girl in the parish of Santa María de la Montaña, which he was in charge of.

The events were reported in 2019, when the family detected the rejection of the affected person towards the priest, it was then that he agreed to tell his family what happened.

During the hearing, the public ministry reported that according to the statements of the victim, today 11 years old, every Sunday before starting mass the father sexually abused her.

In his favor, Baca reiterated to the judges that he did not commit such crimes, “I once again say in front of this Court that I am innocent and have not done any of the things that have been accused of me, and that I am consciously in their hands,” he said. shortly before knowing the verdict.

At the end of the hearing, the accused was transferred to his home where he remains in custody and will remain awaiting the hearing at which the sentence will be handed down, which will take place on the morning of March 1.

Priest accused of rape in ChihuahuaPriest accused of rape in Chihuahua