The news would have enough weight and pain to be measured only from the event and not by its consequences. Cancel Wimbledon It is a huge stick for tennis and one of the collateral damages of a virus that is taking many lives and many months of 2020 ahead. But also, that Wimbledon was the first major to be suspended being the third on the calendar made it immediately Roland Garros will be indicated. Over time, the decision of the French major is heading towards a funnel of criticism, bad image and little room for maneuver. Recognizing the error is the only option left to the French Open to repair the decision-making that the French Tennis Federation opted for.

The last to join the criticism has been the Uruguayan Pablo Cuevas, who has aligned himself with the vast majority of voices. “I think Roland Garros’ decision was a bit hasty, without asking the ATP for what I know. Also, it seems that they did not take into account the rest of the tournaments, the rest of the calendar, it was something strange. Even more in this moment of solidarity, where we should be in solidarity, it was quite selfish to move forward and set the dates without worrying about the players and the rest of the schedule. All the players were a little surprised. “

And it is that everything has been evidenced again with the Wimbledon procedure, communicating its decision and coordinating all the information and impact with ATP, ITF and WTA, who announced a statement immediately afterwards. In addition, Wimbledon is the only Grand Slam that has been protected with pandemic insurance, while at Roland Garros they admitted losses worth 230 million if the tournament was not held. But in the midst of the protest, it seems that they have realized the error. It is what, at least internally, between federations, the tournament would have recognized. What counts recently Jim Courier in the pages of the New York Times.

The former number 1 in the world admitted knowing and being aware of this recognition by the French Federation for changing the date without thinking of anyone else. “As far as I know, Roland Garros has quickly recognized the mistake of stepping on dates or notifying anyone in his decision. I think there have been a lot of discussions between the existing powers since all that happened.”